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Elevator Air Conditioner

Blueway Elevator Air Conditioners are engineered disigned for temperature conditioning in elevators located in office buildings, hotels, residences etc, featured with compact structure, intelligent control, fresh air supply, powerful function, reliable performance and elegant product appearance. It is always a good choice for different clients with various kinds of requirements.

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Product Description

Wholesale Customized Elevator Air Conditioner


Energy-saving operation
During the rush hour, the air conditioner will operate with full load to ensure the required temperature and the humidity in the car. When the temperature sensor at the return air inlet detects that the temperature approaches the set point, the air conditioner will operate with half-load or just keep air ventilation. When the air conditioner gets to know through the signal from the elevator that there is no passenger in the car or the elevator does not run, the air conditioner will operate with minimal load or stand by.

Environmentally friendly materials
The system uses the environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A whose ODP is zero, as well as the lead￾free and other environmentally friendly refrigerant recovery materials.

Reliable operation
The rotary compressor, the centrifugal evaporator fan, the axial condenser fan, the throttling capillary, and connection pipes build up an enclosed system. When there is a communication fault between the air conditioner and the elevator, this fault will be given to the elevator so that the user will be helped to know clearly how to eliminate this fault.

Easy service
Scientific structure, reasonable internal arrangement, detachable filter screen, and easily washable heat exchangers make the service much easy.

Convenient installation
Either the seat-type or the suspension-type installation is available for this kind of air conditioner.

High cleanliness
The fresh air outlet will offer at times outside fresh air into the car to improve the cleanliness of air inside the car.

Wide range of operating temperature
The elevator air conditioner operates normally among 16-43℃ .

Flexible operation
The smart wireless control enables the air conditioner fully under your control.


1.Blueway has around 30 years of rich HVAC manufacturing experience.
2.Over 1000 original R&D products, Blueway is qualified to be OEM/OBM/ODM.
3.Over 10000 engineering solutions with great success provided by Blueway.
4.Online technical service is available twenty-four hours a day without break.
5.Blueway intelligent control system with precise timing, temperature control & remote monitoring function.


With advanced technology and R&D capacity, Blueway has obtained over more than 20 patents and become one of the leading HVAC manufacturers in China. Meanwhile, 70% of Blueway products have been exported to oversea markets, including Australia, Europe, North America, Middle East, South Africa, South America and obtained worldwide recognition. Additionally, it has over 20 representative offices located in different cities of China, and also has its authorized distributors in Europe, Middle East, North America and South America.

So far, Blueway has already provided over 10000 engineering solutions with great success. What's more, Blueway is also the recommended brand by Hilton Hotel in Chinese market. Blueway will continue its endeavor and commitment to serve its worldwide partners by providing solutions and innovative products of high efficiency.


Q: What’s the refrigerant type?
A: R410a eco-friendly refrigerant.

Q: How about the production time?
A: It depends on the quantity and PMC plan.

Q: Adopt which brand of compressor?
A: GMCC compressor.

Q: Any function?
A: Heating, cooling, timer, etc.

Q: With remote control?
A: Yes, remote controller is optional.

Q: Hong long is the warranty time?
A: 1 year for the whole unit, 3 years for the compressor.

Q: What’s the colour option?
A: White and grey for shorter production period.

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